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Ph.D. Doctoral Program in Counselor Education

The Ph. D. Program, accredited by CACREP ( Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs ), prepares students to labor as counselor educators, clinical supervisors, and advanced practitioners in tutorial and clinical settings.

A sample of program awards embrace : 

  • Consistent high 10 rankings within the whole country by U.S. News and World Report 
  • Ranked 1st within the whole country via the Chronicle of Higher Education in terms of faculty scholarly productivity 
  • Faculty recognition by varied professional organizations for outstanding teaching and mentoring, as well as the David Brooks Distinguished Mentor Award and of course the Extended Research award coming from the American Counseling Association, the Association of Counselor Education and Supervision Distinguished Mentor Award, and of course the Rehabilitation Counselor Educator on your Year Award and of course the Eminent Career Award coming from the National Career Development Association 
  • Three faculty members presently function journal editors for leading journals within the whole field as well as ACA's flagship journal, the Journal of Counseling Development

The mission as to firmly the program often to : 
  • Extend the knowledge base as to firmly the counseling profession utilizing a climate of scholarly inquiry.
  • Prepare students to generate new knowledge for our profession through research that results in scholarly publications.
  • Prepare graduates that should be pioneer and advocates for modification. 
An emphasis is placed upon faculty involvement in areas as well as : 
  • Teaching, research, and professional service.
  • Leadership in national counseling associations and organizations.
  • Leadership as journal editors or associate editors.
  • Research and development : faculty have written over 600 journal articles and 50 books, in the past have delivered over 600 presentations at international, national, and state professional conferences.
Program Objectives 
  1. The Counselor Education doctoral program objectives address the professional leadership roles of counselor education, supervision, advanced counseling observe, and research competencies expected of doctoral graduates. 
  2. The program consists associated with a minimum of four tutorial years of graduate level preparation ( as well as masters-level preparation ), defined as eight semesters, by having minimum of ninety six graduate-level credits needed of all students within the program. 
  3. Learning experiences beyond the masters-level are needed all told of listed here content areas :
  • Theories pertaining in the principles and follow of counseling, career development, cluster work, systems, and consultation 
  • Theories and practices of counselor supervision 
  • Instructional theory and ways relevant to counselor education 
  • Pedagogy relevant to current social and cultural problems, as well as social modification theory and advocacy action planning 
  • Design and implementation of quantitative research methodology, as well as univariate, mutlivariate, and single-subject design 
  • Design and implementation of qualitative research, as well as grounded theory, ethnographic, and phenomenological methodologies 
  • Models and ways of assessment and utilize of data 
  • Moral and legal considerations in counselor education and supervision 
  • The role of racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage, nationality, socioeconomic standing, family structure, age, gender, sexual orientation, religious and spiritual beliefs, occupation, physical, and mental standing, native, regional, national, international perspective, and equity problems in counselor education programs
  1. counselor education doctoral students can have experiences which are designed to : 
  • Develop an space of professional counseling expertise 
  • Develop collaborative relationships with program faculty in teaching, supervision, research, professional writing, and service in the profession and public 
  • Foster participation in professional counseling organizations, as well as the association for counselor education and supervision ( ACES ) and also the american counseling association ( ACA ) 
  • Meet criteria for appropriate credentials 
  • Promote scholarly counseling research 
  • Enhance technical competence
Admissions Requirements 
Students admitted onto the doctoral program should have completed masters level studies which are comparable to CACREP entry-level standards and supply proof of the knowledge base of an expert counselor. As half on your doctoral program, students will concentrate on a specialty space of interest as well as college counseling, social anxiety counseling, and rehabilitation counseling. Current full-time students typically receive money assistance within the style of fellowships or graduate assistantships.
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